Photo Booth Tips?


One of my wife’s favorite features on our MacBook is Photo Booth. We’ve spent hours of laughter and fun on this application with friends and with each other. While we’ve learned the basic programs of Photo Booth, i.e. how to take pictures, how to add effects, etc. we know that with all Mac applications, there’s got to be more that this application can do.

I found a great tip at Tekzilla which reveals that if you hit the shift key when clicking on ‘take picture’ then you eliminate the flash when the picture is taken. Furthermore, if you want to take the picture immediately without the countdown, hit the option button and get an instant pic.

While I know that Photo Booth is a relatively simple program that provides hours of entertainment (at least for my wife) are there any other intricacies or tips that I don’t know about?

Please leave a comment if you here or know of anything that could improve my Photo Booth experience.

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