Let’s Rock Event – iTunes, HDtv, Nano, Touch so far

The Let’s Rock event is underway, and so far we know this….

iTunes 8.0 – something called Genius that reminds me a little of Pandora Radio (maybe Jobs had something to do with the upcoming most-likely demise of Pandora!)

HDtv – $2.99 shows available to play in iTunes, or with the AppleTV. Now if only my AppleTV would stream a little quicker, this might be interesting.

Nano – new Nano released that is thinner and funkier than before. Has the accelerometer, voice recording (with mic), and starts at $149 for the 8gb model.

Touch – new Touch announced as well. New thinner design, side volume controls, built in speaker, built in Nike+ (you still need the transmitter)

Headphones – $79 headphones with tweeter and woofer. Look kind of cool…we’ll see how they sound.

New Games – The App store apparently will have Need for Speed, Spore, and a Soccer game…they look decent.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 – supposed to have faster syncing and fixed some bugs. Performance improvement. Available Friday.


iPhone = Fragile Ecosystem

I love my iPhone, I really do, but it’s proving to be less than rock solid. In the couple months that I’ve had it, I’ve had to do a complete restore at least 4 or 5 times now. I’m not really doing anything hard core on the device, just normal everyday tasks and phone usage, yet I continue to send it crashing to the ground.

I think I’ve narrowed down my particular problems to Apps, and specifically to something in the installation process. I can almost guarantee a phone lock up of some sort during an OTA app install.

If I do ANYTHING else at all while an app is installing, game over. If I install two apps at the same time OTA style, game over. If a call comes in while installing an app, game over. I will point out that I do have around 50 apps installed on my device, but still have plenty of storage available.

Fortunately I’ve had a fairly recent backup all but one time, and have been able to resume life again after a 2-3 hour restore and backup process. However, I crash and burn at the most inopportune times, like just before a trip out of town for the day. I’ll continue to watch the processes and see if I can narrow down the issue, but hopefully Apple will solve this with an update before long. I’m getting leary of playing Wheel of Crash on the iPhone.


Apple Confirms September 9 Event – Let’s Rock

According to ars technica, Apple will indeed be hosting a special event on September 9, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, just down a bit from the Moscone Center. The event will be held Tuesday morning at 10 am Pacific Time, and by all indications will definitely be about iPods. Will there also be new MacBook Pros as many have hoped for and rumored? Time will tell.

What do you think we’ll see next week at the Let’s Rock event?