The New Face of Facebook: Why I like the change


One of the most revolutionary networking inventions of our decade, Facebook has given people around the world a chance to reconnect with old friends and stay in contact with new ones. It is an online tool that can be used to share life with each other and build relationships, even over long distances or generation gaps.

As a previous opponent of Facebook, I felt like it was just another myspace-like way for students and teens to inappropriately express themselves without restraint or monitoring. But after my 65 year old grandmother created her own profile page and encouraged us to give it a try, I knew it was something different.

A member of Facebook for about six months, I have experienced the switch over in the new ‘Facebook Page’. The redesign has improved many facets of Facebook that needed tweaking in the initial design.

The most important update is the ability to categorize different updates on your main home page. News Feed, Status Update, Photos, Posted Items and Live Feed are now all accessed by clicking different tabs, allowing you to see more updates and changes and in an organized format. For my type A personality, this works well with my sometimes obsessive need to categorize and organize EVERYTHING.

Not only can you now see more updates and feeds from your friends, but on the right of every update is an opportunity to comment on a status update or photo. This makes it easier to interface with friends without having to navigate away from your home page. You can also update YOUR status easier with the status update directly below your current status. This makes it easier for you to let people know what you’re up to, rather than waiting a week before your status changes.

The different friend requests and various other application requests that show up on your facebook now show up right on your home page as well. Again, you can click on these requests without having to navigate to another page just to get to them.

While I feel like the new facebook has consolidated the numerous applications and network feeds that exist in Facebook, others are having difficulty with the change. Some feel like the new page is too hard to navigate or they miss the old one and want it back. If you do want the old facebook page back, check out Tech Crunch for a short-term solution.

While the new facebook page does allow Facebook to market and advertise better within their mini-feeds and on the home page, the redesign promotes a more accessible page to new users, better app control and privacy settings, ensuring that this networking interface can be one that is used in the workplace, by older adults and one that parents can trust for their kids to use.

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