iPhone Golfing Through The Fall


Today was one of the first days in my neck of the woods where it really started to feel like Fall. Clouds, possible rain and wind make it difficult to get out on the golf course, not to mention going back to school and staying busy with work.

But with the new, free application: “iGolf” from SNG, you can keep your swing going during the fall and enjoy the driving range. This brand new app from SNG lets you choose from three clubs, then sets you into a driving range mode and prompts you to pull back and let it rip. You physically swing the iPhone and the ball flies through the air. The application will keep record of your score and cheer for great shots.

Apple Insider has some great insight into the new game, as well as a link to download the application. It does mention sensitivity in the swinging process, so a steady hand is key. Tech Crunch also has a demo on playing iGolf.

So for those times this Fall when you’re stuck in your office with the rain pouring down outside, you have your friend, the iGolf on your iPhone, to keep your stroke sharp for the coming spring. Just make sure you hold onto your phone when you swing.

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