Skype-Connect with the world


Our world is ever-increasingly becoming connected and, as we travel and develop relationships with family and friends around the globe, our generation and culture wants to stay in touch not only through email or letters, but through chats and webcams. Skype offers a chance for people around the world to connect to one another for little or no fee.

Dowloading Skype is completely free and you can chat through instant messaging, webcams like the built in iSight on the Mac or just call and talk like a normal cell phone or land line. If you’re friend or relative has downloaded Skype as well, there is no cost to either one of you. It is completely free to communicate anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection.

Furthermore, if you want to coomunicate with family members who don’t have Skype or a computer to download it on to, you can set up a phone line from the area code they are in or any other area code you want, and they can call you for free, as if they were calling a land line in that area. The online number only costs $60 for the year ($5 a month) and gives anyone a chance to call you for free. You can also call them or anyone else in the world for $.06 a minute.

My wife and I set-up Skype before going to Southern China to teach English for five months and we bought the online number. We were able to easily and frequently communicate with family and friends back home, see their faces and hear their voices. The picture and sound were clear and the calls were very rarely dropped. My brother-in-law is now teaching in the Dominican Republic and has Skype and communicates with family and friends every week.

Skype gives you the ability and technology to communicate with anyone around the world through many different interfaces for free! They also have microphones, headsets and webcams available for purchase in their online store.

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