iCalendar Event Movement


My colleagues and I are long-term planning out events that we are going to be having during this upcoming school year and we are using Apple’s iCalendar to plan and organize those events into different individual calendars. My colleague planned out four months of events and, after plugging in the event for each day of the week, realized that he needed to move back each of those events by one week. So we embarked on a search to determine if he could move all of those events back one week in bulk, as opposed to going through and moving each event individually, obviously saving him a substantial amount time.

We did some research and tinkering and found that, as long as you are operating within the same calendar, you can highlight events and move them by holding down the shift key, then clicking on each related event you want to move. Then hit Copy and the Paste it to the appropriate dates. This will move all of the events down a week, to a different day, month, etc. whatever and wherever you need to move them.

Exception: This can only be done within the same calendar and, if you have two events that are in different calendars (different color-coded events) you must move them separately or it will color-code it to the calendar that you initially highlighted.

You can individually move events just by clicking and dragging them to the desired date, but in order to move them in bulk, this method should work. The copy and paste method does not change the information about the individual event so that is something that would have to be done individually.

Any other ideas or ways that iCalendar problems can be solved? Leave comments and ideas below.

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