iPhone 3G at Best Buy…you, happier?

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September 7th marked an eventful day at Best Buy stores across the nation as they became the first company outside of AT&T and Apple to carry the coveted iPhone 3G. Best Buy has promoted and prepared for the event, anticipating record lines in front of the store before opening and bringing in large staffs to handle the various purchasing and set-up options they are offering. Best Buy highlights the iPhone 3G’s release both in store, through their ads and online. They offer in-store set up and ‘out the door working’ capabilities with the new purchase.

Yet at a Best Buy store in the Pacific NW, as the opening day came and went, the record lines before opening were missing and the first day sales of the iPhone seemed to be a disappointment. The brand new Best Buy mobile wasn’t nearly as busy as they hoped and the hyped and highly advertised iPhone 3G seemed to be an afterthought to customers entering the store. While the upgrades of Best Buy mobile in stores is most likely the reason Apple was willing to allow the electronics store to sell the iPhone, it is apparent they did not experience the large revenue push they were expecting. Best Buy already offers iPod digital music players at all its stores and is now even selling Mac computer lines at its more than 600 locations.

While the initial day surge may not be what’s expected, Best Buy still stands to gain considerable revenue from the iPhone in their store, as they continue to expand their relationship with Apple and search to meet the consumers needs as a one-stop shop electronics store.  Yet they may be a little to late on the iPhone 3G rush. Their listed price is online at 199.99 with 8GB memory and 299.99 with 16GB memory. The 199.99 price is available to new AT&T customers and customers ‘qualified’ for an upgrade. If you do not qualify for an upgrade, the price rockets up to 399.99. Apple Stores are also increasing their shipment supplies of iPhones and are becoming more readily available. All three stores in my local area had the iPhone 3G in stock as of today.

Time will tell whether the iPhone 3G acquisition for Best Buy will be another great move by the world’s leading electronic store or if their relationship with Apple could cloud their marketing foresight and ability.

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  1. I wonder if the new Black Berry comes close to the features of the iphone..

    steam shower says...
    December 15th, 2008 at 2:55 am
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