Let’s Rock Event – iTunes, HDtv, Nano, Touch so far


The Let’s Rock event is underway, and so far we know this….

iTunes 8.0 – something called Genius that reminds me a little of Pandora Radio (maybe Jobs had something to do with the upcoming most-likely demise of Pandora!)

HDtv – $2.99 shows available to play in iTunes, or with the AppleTV. Now if only my AppleTV would stream a little quicker, this might be interesting.

Nano – new Nano released that is thinner and funkier than before. Has the accelerometer, voice recording (with mic), and starts at $149 for the 8gb model.

Touch – new Touch announced as well. New thinner design, side volume controls, built in speaker, built in Nike+ (you still need the transmitter)

Headphones – $79 headphones with tweeter and woofer. Look kind of cool…we’ll see how they sound.

New Games – The App store apparently will have Need for Speed, Spore, and a Soccer game…they look decent.

iPhone Firmware 2.1 – supposed to have faster syncing and fixed some bugs. Performance improvement. Available Friday.

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