Keeping an eye on the ‘Dog Days of August’


Will the Chicago Cubs be able to hold on to their division lead? Will Manny Ramirez spark the Dodgers into the post-season? These are questions beginning to intensify as the 2008 MLB season moves into the ‘Dog Days of August’. Wikipedia describes these ‘Dog Day’s’ as, “a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress.” While the baseball days of August may seem ‘dull or stagnant’, the second half of the season is all about the division standings, positioning your team for a spot in the playoffs. There’s still a lot of baseball to be played, so its anybody’s league title to win.

If you’re a baseball fan like me, you love the game: the exciting moments, the heated races, the agony of missing the wildcard spot by a game and the ecstasy of hitting in the winning run in the World Series. While we’re still a ways off from those unforgettable moments in October, the foundation and culmination of the World Series begins now. The Baseball Widget 2.6 is a season tracker’s dream to keeping an eye on the last few months of the MLB season. If you’re a Mariner’s fan like I am, you’re picking a NEW team to root for during the playoffs and this widget can help you keep an eye on your new team. The widget is easy to understand and updates the standings quickly. Click the ‘standings’ icon at the top right of the widget to switch to division standings. If you want to know additional information about a MLB team, click on the name of the team in the division standings and the widget will link you to that team’s homepage. This widget can track previous scores of games, as well as the upcoming schedule, so whether you’re curious about the outcome of yesterday’s game or want to know what time to watch today’s, Baseball Widget 2.6 can get you that information quickly and accurately.

I’ll be using this widget as a faithful and reliable companion as the baseball season comes to a climax, sure to bring us exciting games and moments in the months to come. Not only will this widget track baseball standings and teams, but when you’re other favorite sport rolls around, you can track standings and schedules for hockey, basketball and football teams.

You can download the widget from MacUpdate at Baseball Widget 2.6. Question or comment about Baseball Widget 2.6 below.

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