A New Way To Learn…iTunes U


iTunes has added a whole new component to their iTunes store, that now gives the consumer a chance to not only experience music, movies and podcasts, but to stretch their mind and prepare for school or do extra-curricular learning through iTunes U. “iTunes U in the iTunes Store offers free audio and video content from top universities, famous museums, public media stations, and other cultural institutions. So whether you want to learn from the world’s leading thinkers, get a sneak peek at the latest MoMA exhibition, or simply brush up on your Spanish, iTunes U makes it easy.”

For my personal favorite study topic, American History, I found universities from all over the world, Stanford University, MIT, Arizona State University, universities in Asia and Europe, that had information that I could access and learn from for free. The iTunes store lists top downloads for each category, giving me the opportunity to grow my knowledge base and brush up on topics that I love.

K-12 iTunes U is also a noteable program that gives parents and kids a chance to learn about different topics such as ‘Ask a Biologist’ which interviews scientists and gives students an insight into life applications for Science and Biology, and ‘Caught Reading’, a beginning language arts program to help any teacher or parent in exposing and educating their kids.

iTunes U has now become a learning resource for every person in any category. A chance to do extra research, learn on the go with your iPod or MacBook or simply enjoy the pleasure of learning in a new and creative media format. Whatever your profession or place in life, iTunes U will open and expand horizons of learning that will create broader minds and brighter futures.

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