iStat Pro 4.7 – Great Monitoring Software


This monitoring widget has received a 4.5 star rating at www.macupdate.com and is effective in allowing users to monitor their computers information. “It features detailed information on CPU, memory, hard drives, IP and external IP, bandwidth, CPU temperature, battery, uptime, temperatures and fans.” The widget itself shows important information about the status of your computer and even gives you a detailed, color-coded example of where your computer is running programs, what space you have available in different areas and an easy click help button that links you to iStat Support for troubleshooting or tutorial related questions.

This summer, I personally value two of the monitoring systems that let me know what temperature each of my systems is running at and the rpm exhaust of my computer’s fan. These keep me mindful when I’m out in the sun with my Mac or on the run, as well as the Battery health and charge status, which includes a percentage of charge and time remaining. This way I know when I need to get home to grab my charger, which I usually forget to bring with me to work.

The latest 4.7 edition fixed bugs where sidebar labels could become stuck after changing skins, bugs that could cause widget to crash in network code and fixed bugs with multi terabyte disk support. On the side of the widget, the activity monitor gives you access to locate and monitor which programs are running and taking up the % CPU, the threads of each program as well as the real and virtual memory. The side bar options also include a settings pop up which allows you to set alert intervals, daily updates and modify the display of the iState widget. You need Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and can click here to download iStat.

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