Feel the iPHone V2 Firmware Love a Day Early


If you’re hankering for a little bit of that V2 iPhone lovin’, you can get some of it a little early today. Old and crusty V1 iPhones can be flashed by using the V2 iPhone Firmware updater found here. (iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw)

You’ll also need to have iTunes 7.7 installed on your machine, which is available via Software Update on your mac.

That’s a picture of my V1 iPhone cruising through the App Store this morning. The entire process took about half an hour to download 7.7, download the firmware update, back up my old system, and install the firmware.

Update at your own risk, TweakOSX is not responsible for any bricking you may run into.

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