What Should You Do With Your V1 iPhone?


With just a couple of days left until you can officially get your hands on the the 3G iPhone, or V2 iPhone, many people are deciding what to do with their ‘old’ version, if you were an early adopter.

While some people have been standing in line for a couple days already, many more will just stroll on in after the official release and pick one up old school style. Regardless of which way you go, you still have some time to decide what to do with your old iPhone. Here are the top three (if not obvious) things to do with your V1 iPhone.

1. Sell It – Duh. Get rid of it, either as a good deal to a buddy or client, or by listing it on Ebay while they’re still hot. Unlocked V1 iPhones are still getting between $350-450 online. Many people ask why anyone would pay that much on Ebay for an old and crusty outdated version when the new one will be less than the current going rate? Two words: no contract. People would rather pay a few bucks more to have a phone they can use on T-mobile, or even AT&T, without signing their lives away for the next two years.

2. Keep It In The Family – If you’ve got a wife, kid, brother, sister, mother, father, or anyone else that you’ve been wanting to bring into the Mac Family, the 1st gen iPhone may be just the ticket. Of course that little gift comes with a monthly recurring expense that someone will have to pony up for, but again, if someone already has an AT&T account, or you unlock the phone, they can bail on that cost at any time if they decide they hate it.

3. Put a Fresh Coat of Paint On It – Not literally, (although the ColorWare finishes are a tempting option,) but by upgrading the firmware when V2 comes out with the new iPhones. If Walt Mossberg is to be believed, you may just be better off waiting for a bit until the next, next version of the firmware comes out for the V2 iPhone. Although he likes some of the new features, and the 3G network, he points out that battery life suffers, and the new pricing is slightly higher than before. Updating your old V1 iPhone with the new firmware will give you many of the benefits of the new model, without having to give up battery life.

There are many other options for what to do with your V1 iPhone model…what do you plan on doing with yours?

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