Quick Tip – Turn off all displays keyboard shortcut


Having no easy way to quickly sleep my displays, I have in the past resorted to setting up a hot corner in the Expose/Spaces preference tab to turn off my displays. This is a good solution, however as a person who chooses to use the keyboard and lives off of shortcuts in all of my favorite programs, this mouse gesture is just not the solution which fits my habits well.

Recently I came across this simple keyboard shortcut which immediatly sleeps all of my displays, and it is exactly what I was looking for. Simply press Ctrl-Shift-Eject on your Mac and your screens instantly goto sleep. I have read that this shortcut does not work in 10.4, if this is the case, please leave a comment in this post for us. Also of note, while the hot corner turns my displays off, when I make a mouse gesture or keypress, I must enter in my password to wake the displays and get access to the computer. When pressing, Ctrl-Shift-Eject, this does not appear to be the case.


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