Quick Tip – Add Applications and Files to Finder Toolbar

Did you know you can easily add applications and files to the finder toolbar for quick easy access?  This functionality basically adds a new dock to any finder window you may have open on you desktop. How can you accomplish this?  It’s quite simple actually, simply drag an application and hover over the finder toolbar for a second or two until the plus icon appears.  Choose your position, and drop.  Very useful! 

Thanks to reader macluvr for the tip!



Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Updated

For those of you who have been running into the annoying warning that the last beta release of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac has expired, Microsoft decided to bless us with an updated release yesterday.  You can download it here.  The new release promises to last until the first official release.  The site was down at times yesterday but seems to have been available throughout the day today.


Quick Tip – Turn off all displays keyboard shortcut

Having no easy way to quickly sleep my displays, I have in the past resorted to setting up a hot corner in the Expose/Spaces preference tab to turn off my displays. This is a good solution, however as a person who chooses to use the keyboard and lives off of shortcuts in all of my favorite programs, this mouse gesture is just not the solution which fits my habits well. Read the rest of this entry »