News Roundup: Utlra-Portable, iPhone Re-locked, Fastest Vista Notebook


Rumors are swirling today about a pending launch of an “Ultra-Portable” Notebook at Macworld in January. This rumor is gaining traction on news that Apple has placed a massive order for 13inch LED backlight units. Read more at MacRumors .

A German court has overturned the temporary injunction issued against T-Mobile requiring it to sell unlocked iPhones in Germany. Engadget has the story.

Apple has also launched a new Mac and PC Guy ad entitled “Misprint” in which the PC Guy asks how a Mac could be the fastest Vista notebook tested this year. The ad is great, however I do find it amusing that the latest online ad featured the “give up vista” tagline and now this ad promotes the Mac’s ability to run Vista. View it at YouTube.

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