Customizing Leopard: Add Screen Sharing Features

Along with Quick Look, the new Leopard feature I use most is the built in Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing is accessible in Leopard through several different paths including iChat and Finder. My favorite way, however, is to access the System/Library/Core Services folder, and drag a shortcut to Screen Sharing down to my Dock.

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News Roundup: Utlra-Portable, iPhone Re-locked, Fastest Vista Notebook

Rumors are swirling today about a pending launch of an “Ultra-Portable” Notebook at Macworld in January. This rumor is gaining traction on news that Apple has placed a massive order for 13inch LED backlight units. Read more at MacRumors .

A German court has overturned the temporary injunction issued against T-Mobile requiring it to sell unlocked iPhones in Germany. Engadget has the story.

Apple has also launched a new Mac and PC Guy ad entitled “Misprint” in which the PC Guy asks how a Mac could be the fastest Vista notebook tested this year. The ad is great, however I do find it amusing that the latest online ad featured the “give up vista” tagline and now this ad promotes the Mac’s ability to run Vista. View it at YouTube.