Customizing Leopard: Add Folder and Zip Viewing to Quicklook


Quick Look has quickly become one of my favorite additions to OS X in Leopard. If you are like me, you find yourself scrolling through directories and using the space bar quite often. I even find myself watching movies and listening to songs using Quick Look. One of the best things Apple did in designing Quick Look, was to make it easily expandable through extensions.

Quick Look Plugin

A Japanese developer, Taiyo, has released two Quick Look plugins which add some very handy functionality to Quick Look, the ability to look at the contents within a folder and a zip file. Both plugins present the data in a very attractive list view. Why Apple did not include the ability which both of these plugins add is beyond me. Thank you Taiyo! Get the Quick Look Folder Plugin or the Quick Look Zip Plugin. To install these, unzip the files, and copy to your /Library/QuickLook/ folder. These should work as soon as the files are present in the Quick Look directory.

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