The New iMac


As soon as the announcement was made, and the Apple Store re-opened, we purchased one of the new iMacs released last Tuesday, August 7. We got the 24″ model with 2GB of RAM and a 2.4GHz dual core processor. It’s funny to see the same speed processors as what we were buying 5 years ago, even if the are dual core.

I am the editor that suggested that Apple would delay release of the new iMac until after Leopard was released. I also suggested that the brushed aluminum look was being phased out. It appears I was dead wrong on both counts.

The new iMac supports an upgraded intel chipset (Santa Rosa -based) as well as a higher maximum RAM capacity. The new machine boasts a quasi-retro brushed aluminum look with an exceptionally glossy display. There has been plenty of talk that the new display is too glossy, but we disagree: It is stunningly beautiful.

To get a better idea of what most folks would be buying, we decided to get a machine more closely aligned with most of our readers budgets. So, we set a price ceiling of $2,150 to purchase a new iMac, and test it. We opted for the 2.4 GHz machine with 2GB of 667MHz RAM. The smallest HD a consumer can buy these days is a whopping 320GB SATA HD! Needless to say, we didn’t feel like we were buying a budget machine, even though we purchased toward the lower end of he 24″ iMac spectrum.

The performance of the machine has been phenomenal. As I write this review, I’m running Parallels 3.0 with Ubuntu Linux running full force! The amount of computational power this machine packs is truly amazing.

Anyways, Here are a few of the pictures you’ve been salivating over:

As it appeared, out of the shipping box:

Out of the box

As it appeard, in it’s own box:

The new iMac, still in the box!

Opening the first layer …..

Opening the first layer …

The box that the new keyboard comes in (yes, the rumors ARE true)

The suspense is killing us!

The new Apple Keyboard. It’s thinner than some of the hairs of this editor! All of the rumors have been proved true. It has also become amazingly apparent, that the Mighty Mouse is due for an upgrade. Perhaps this might come after the new OS release in October?

The New Apple Keyboard!

The new Apple Keyboard alongside the same old Mighty Mouse and Remote Control. With the sleek new look of the iMac and Apple Keyboard, it’s puzzling why Apple didn’t release a new Mouse and Remote Control simultaneously. One is only left to speculate that the Gods from Cupertino have deemed it necessary to delay our gratification a while longer.

Perhaps recent talk of Apple mouse patents are a sign of things to come?

The new Apple Keyboard, plus the same Mighty Mouse, and remote.

Finally, the machine itself …

The new iMac

And there it is ladies and gentlemen: What all of us have been waiting so long for! Note that though the picture makes the iMac appear to be white, it is not. Our new machine is pictured above next to a 22″ widescreen Samsung monitor. It appears on this editor’s minimalistic desk. I’m a true believer of “paper-less society”.

The new iMac is a treasure for this editor to use. The above picture shows it with an additional monitor plugged into it. Apple dropped it’s price point for the iMac in conjunction with the new model’s release. It’s a curious move, though Apple has shown time and time again it’s penchant for bewildering business strategy.

Speaking of business strategy, it’s been noted that many enterprise businesses are starting to look towards iMacs to meet their goals. The release of Numbers (Apple’s Excel), has seriously furthered that effort. Perhaps we could expect many of the super-lame, modular wall office complexes to start sporting new iMacs? It’s a stretch, for sure. But you just never know!

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