Keep Your Macbook Cooler


The increased power of the newer mackbooks can cause them to get pretty hot on your lap when working. Because of this many people resort to only working with their macbook on a desk or resting it on a pillow on their lap. This works fine in the office or at home but if you are like us and need to use your macbook while traveling, the heat can become quite annoying at the least.

smcFancontrol Screen ShotsmcFanControl 2 lets you adjust the speed of your fans yourself. You can adjust each fan manually to a different speed and define presets for several situations such as running on batteries, ac-power, and charging. The fans will still automatically speed up under high cpu load though and you will not be able to set the minimum speed below the Apple default for safety reasons.

smcFancontrol Screen ShotsmcFanControl 2 integrates into the menu bar giving you quick access to change your settings or selected preset. The menu bar will also show you the current running speed of your fans as well as the current cpu temperature. The temperature can be read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. I set my minimum speed to around 3000 RPM and noticed a 2 – 4 degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature wen the computer was pretty much idle. The fans were still pretty much silent also. Bumping up the speed to the max 6000 RPM on my macbook pro saw nearly 10 degree cooler temperatures with minimal fan noise. Of course running at these higher speeds will decrease battery life some. All my testing was done on a macbook pro 1.8 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 80 GB model with 1.5 GB of ram.

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