New iMac On The Way?


iMacVarious sources are claiming that a new iMac is on the way. Furthermore, there are several rumors that this new iMac will be bundled with a new Apple Keyboard. These same sources claim that the new iMac will probably be brushed aluminum, and much slimmer than the current iMacs. More rumors claim that the 17″ model will be discontinued. Finally, these rumors claim that the new machine will be released in mid August.

Now, our side of the story.

It seems unlikely that any new machine will be released that closely before the new OS, 10.5, is made public. More likely, is that the new iMac will be released concurrently with Leopard in October. The public relations of releasing a new computer to people, then making their software outdated within 6 weeks makes the August date seem inaccurate.

In regards to the new brushed aluminum shell to the new iMac, that’s a source of debate here at Tweak. There are some of us that believe that a brushed aluminum shell makes sense, since that’s what the new Mac Book Pros, Mac Pros, and Cinema Displays all have. However, the new OS, Leopard, will discontinue the brushed aluminum look for finder, and any other displays. That leads some of us to believe that the brushed aluminum look is on the way out for Apple. The new iPhone appearance, seems to confirm this idea.

In short, don’t buy a new iMac until the new machine is released. It should be soon, since a new version of iMac hasn’t come out in a long time.

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    July 20th, 2007 at 2:24 pm
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    August 14th, 2007 at 11:29 pm
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